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In case you didn't already know, there are big changes afoot at Treasured Scrapbooking. Leslie has decided to sell the store, and I decided to buy it!

From Leslie's post on the boards:

I have some news to share with you...some sad, but some very exciting. I've been doing a lot of thinking over the past few months and I've decided to sell TS. As I'm sure most of you have noticed, I've been having a hard time keeping up with TS the way I used to. Life, my job, family, my mom's health have all taken precedence. And as much as I love TS (it's like my baby!) my heart just isn't in the business side of it anymore. I just don't feel like I have the time to give the site the attention it needs/deserves. Plus, my husband found out recently that he's going to be activated next year (he's in the reserves) in June and he'll be gone for 6-12 months in Baghdad so I'm sure I'll have even less time then. We're trying to get some stuff done around the house and take an early vacay before he leaves.

Anyway, this all started when I was approached a few months ago by someone interested in buying the site. I didn't sell it to this person - I wasn't looking for a buyer - I hadn't even considered selling it before that, but it got me thinking. I kind of took it as a sign that maybe it was time to let the site go. I've just been so stressed over the past year or so trying to get everything done. If I didn't have this dang day job, it would be a different story but the bills need paid and my job is too good to give up.

Which brings me to the good news. I am thrilled to announce that our very own Erin has decided to take over TS!! We are in the process now of getting all the administrative details organized and I'm packing up all the inventory to ship out to her. I have put so much time, love, sweat & tears into building this site. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to take it to where I wanted it to go or where I knew it could go with more time. I write this with bittersweet emotions as it makes me VERY sad to not call it my own anymore...on the other hand, I really need a break. I just know Erin will do a fabulous job in making TS even better and I am just so excited for her! Erin will be officially taking over on Nov. 1 but I have already put the kits/card kit together for November so her first kits will be in December. The Design Team has agreed to stay on for another month to ease the transition and Erin will be posting a Design Team call soon for the new term that will start in January.

I want to thank you all for all the support you've given to me and Treasured Scrapbooking over the past 2 1/2 years. It has been just a pleasure to be a part of such a creative, giving, caring group of ladies. I really consider you all friends and family. And I'm sure you'll all give Erin all the support she needs in getting started in her new endeavor! I will really miss putting the kits together every month and running the site but I'm actually looking forward to getting the chance to scrap again and just be part of the board!! Congratulations Erin!!

I just have to say I have always loved Treasured Scrapbooking, and I am very dedicated to making it a friendly welcoming and inspiring place to hang out! To celebrate all the changes, I am having a sale!!! :) Nothing better than a good sale in my opinion! So for the next week and half (or so) all past kits and online classes are 50% off! They have been going fast, so if you've had your eye on one, you'd better snatch it up fast!

Also, we have added a fan page on Facebook, so head over and become a fan, I've been doing giveaways every so often, and there's a coupon code posted as well! :)

Thank you to everyone for the kind supportive words you've shared with me. I really intend to give TS even more of my heart, and I hope you'll come share in the fun.

OH! I almost forgot, we're also holding a Design Team call right now! Check the forum for the details!