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Looking over my first month as a design team member for treasured scrapbooking…I am overjoyed to have been welcomed into the family. What a friendly, kind, enthusiastic and encouraging group of ladies we have here. I am honored to be a part of this team. I think Erin puts together the most beautiful kits. When I received the April kit in the mail I thought “wow…this is perfect for me!” then when I saw what everyone else had done with the kit I realized it was perfect for them too. Erin picks wonderful, quality products that are just right for everyone. She has a great eye for everything scrapbooking/card making related. And I am happy that she chose me for the team.
So here is another thank you to all of the existing design team members, treasured community and of course Erin…
Here is another project made with the April kit…

thanks for looking:)


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This month's Treasured Member is Gloria Johnston! I love Gloria's humor and enthusiasm and her sweet caring nature. I asked her to write a blog post for this month, and here is what she did for us!


First I would like to thank Erin and all the girls for allowing me to be the first Treasured Member of Treasuredscrapbooking. This was such an honor and a total thrill for me. TS is my home away from home and I appreciate all the support and love and inspiration from each and everyone of the wonderful people here.

Erin asked me if I would like to do something for the blog and I was not sure what I could contribute. Most of what I do in scrapbooking is learned from you girls. lol That left me in a ponder as to what I could post that you could learn from me. lol Well after lots of thinking I decided that what I could contribute to the blog is to tell about the wonderful people here. Then the problem was wow there is so many people that are so wonderful there is just too many to post about and it would be way to much reading. lol cause ya know I can talk a book.


The one person that has just inspired me in so many ways is Mrs. Relda Statz aka Scrappin Granny!!!!

What a wonderful women she is too. I am in awh of her for so many reasons. Mrs. Relda has been married for 57 years and wow that alone has to tell you what an amazing person she is. Everytime I log onto TS I look forward to hearing her wonderful stories. As a child growing up I used to love to hear my Grandmommy tell her tales and Mrs. Relda's stories bring me back to sitting on my Grandmommy's lap listening to the stories of her life. Up until this week we only knew Mrs. Relda by her stories and wonderful posts in the forum. This week she learned how to post to the Gallery with the help of our wonderful Erin. Now we are going to be able to see her stories through her wonderful Lo's. Mrs. Relda just brings to life what scrapbooking is really all about.

Great stories, the ability to share these stories through inspiring lo's, and to make wonderful friends along the way.

So if you just happend by this blog or if you are already a member of TS, please stop in and let Mrs. Relda know how much we love her. The lo below is just one that I think wraps up everything Mrs. Relda is all about. Love, commitment, and friendship.God bless you Mrs. Relda and thank you for being a part of our lives.

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Good day y'all.
Last night I was looking at my ribbon rack and noticed I had yards of the really thin ribbon, you know the kind.. the 1/8" wide stuff you can buy at your local Michael's or Joannes. I bought it several years ago when I first started to scrapbook.. and it's pretty much been untouched since then. Now that I know my style of scrapbooking (lumpy and bumpy) it doesn't sit well with me to just adhere a flat piece of ribbon down. There's no ooomph to it. So, I decided to braid it.
Start off with 3 pieces about 14" long. (or however long you wish it to be)

Grab all three pieces of ribbon, and tie a knot.
After I tied a knot, I used a piece of scotch tape to adhere my knot to my desk
(the ribbon taped to the ruler didn't work out so well, it kept moving.. lol)
Then braid.
Once you get to the end, just put another knot to keep the braids from coming undone.
I then adhered this strand to a card we'll be sending to the children's papaw in Ky.
*b missing you*
I just love the bit of texture and visual interest this adds.
This fabulous bee paper came in the April TS kit.
I know I am long winded... but one more cool tip, and this one is my favorite.
If you do not like braiding... try using your crochet hook. In the photos, I was using a G hook.

Start by creating a slip knot with one strand of ribbon.
Then just chain stitch. (this link takes you to a video)
Both methods are really quick and easy... you can do it in front of the tv at night.
.. and here's an example layout of the crocheted ribbon I used on a layout last month for Julie's monochromatic green challenge.
Let us see your projects by commenting here, or uploading into the Treasured Scrapbooking gallery!

Here are some additional projects I did with the Treasured Scrapbooking April kit! You can still get yours!
Stop and Smell the Flowers!

Just Listen

CCD Crosses

I made therse crosses for the girls in my CCD class.
Be sure to check out the April kit - it is stunning!
Also stop by the April Gallery to see all the design team work!
I'm so excited about the reveal coming up on the 15th. 
Want a peek at what I've created?
I used the Helmar's textured effects on the photograph using a Wendy's take out knife to spread it across the photo. I love the texture it created, and it is so easy to use.
Using the Helmar 450, I was able to coil the ribbon from the April kit as the flowers center piece.. isn't that pretty?
This is a peek from the add on.
The April Royal Romp kit was a dream to work with. Everything coordinates so nicely together, especially with April's add on. There are only TWO add ons left, and just a handful of the April kits... I would hurry to the store and pick yours up before it their gone.
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Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a creative rut? Well there is plenty of inspiration over all over the treasured scrapbooking message board. You should check out some of our challenges to get you creative juices flowing. This month I chose to do a challenge of "firsts". It could be a first anything! First love…first journal entry…first time you are distressing your patterned paper…anything…

Sometimes all that it takes to feel creative is a mere suggestion… something to jog a memory, a feeling, an emotion… sometimes having the suggestion of a challenge can spark so many wonderful creative projects. Plus having a deadline always helps. So make sure you check out all of the other challenges that the TS girls have though up for you this month too.

Happy Sunday - it is April 11 - which is almost half way through the month so I thought it was a perfect time to post the Sketch of The Month and get you motivated to participate!! Let's scrap!

Here is the sketch:

Here is my take on it using the April Treasured Scrapbooking kit!

If you have not gotten your kit - scurry on over there as there are only 6 left!!
Today I wanted to show you how easy it is to use this program online called Shape Collage. I have created a video how to of how quick it is to create your own personal photo collage to enhance your Treasured scrapbook pages. Here is the layout I refer to in the video using the April Treasured kit, Regal Romp.

 You can view the video in HD (better quality) by clicking on the 320p and selecting 720p.

I look forward to seeing you try this exciting technique on your own pages, and I hope you have a Happy Easter!