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Good day y'all.
Last night I was looking at my ribbon rack and noticed I had yards of the really thin ribbon, you know the kind.. the 1/8" wide stuff you can buy at your local Michael's or Joannes. I bought it several years ago when I first started to scrapbook.. and it's pretty much been untouched since then. Now that I know my style of scrapbooking (lumpy and bumpy) it doesn't sit well with me to just adhere a flat piece of ribbon down. There's no ooomph to it. So, I decided to braid it.
Start off with 3 pieces about 14" long. (or however long you wish it to be)

Grab all three pieces of ribbon, and tie a knot.
After I tied a knot, I used a piece of scotch tape to adhere my knot to my desk
(the ribbon taped to the ruler didn't work out so well, it kept moving.. lol)
Then braid.
Once you get to the end, just put another knot to keep the braids from coming undone.
I then adhered this strand to a card we'll be sending to the children's papaw in Ky.
*b missing you*
I just love the bit of texture and visual interest this adds.
This fabulous bee paper came in the April TS kit.
I know I am long winded... but one more cool tip, and this one is my favorite.
If you do not like braiding... try using your crochet hook. In the photos, I was using a G hook.

Start by creating a slip knot with one strand of ribbon.
Then just chain stitch. (this link takes you to a video)
Both methods are really quick and easy... you can do it in front of the tv at night.
.. and here's an example layout of the crocheted ribbon I used on a layout last month for Julie's monochromatic green challenge.
Let us see your projects by commenting here, or uploading into the Treasured Scrapbooking gallery!


Liz said...

LOl my needle was to big I tried this after buying some ribbon and i had the bright idea to make a flower yeah experiment didn't work to well lol.. But I love the braiding and will get that done soon.
Thanks for sharing so much fun

JuliesAddiction said...

What a great idea!!! I could totally crochet a chain stitch in nothing flat....better yet give it to my mom...she is a pro :)

Reel Girl said...

Leah, love-loe-love both of these ideas!

jeannine said...

Great tutorial and projects Leah! I will try these...I have been crocheting like crazy lately and have tons of that ribbon myself....great way to use it up!!! TFS!!