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This month's Treasured Member is Gloria Johnston! I love Gloria's humor and enthusiasm and her sweet caring nature. I asked her to write a blog post for this month, and here is what she did for us!


First I would like to thank Erin and all the girls for allowing me to be the first Treasured Member of Treasuredscrapbooking. This was such an honor and a total thrill for me. TS is my home away from home and I appreciate all the support and love and inspiration from each and everyone of the wonderful people here.

Erin asked me if I would like to do something for the blog and I was not sure what I could contribute. Most of what I do in scrapbooking is learned from you girls. lol That left me in a ponder as to what I could post that you could learn from me. lol Well after lots of thinking I decided that what I could contribute to the blog is to tell about the wonderful people here. Then the problem was wow there is so many people that are so wonderful there is just too many to post about and it would be way to much reading. lol cause ya know I can talk a book.


The one person that has just inspired me in so many ways is Mrs. Relda Statz aka Scrappin Granny!!!!

What a wonderful women she is too. I am in awh of her for so many reasons. Mrs. Relda has been married for 57 years and wow that alone has to tell you what an amazing person she is. Everytime I log onto TS I look forward to hearing her wonderful stories. As a child growing up I used to love to hear my Grandmommy tell her tales and Mrs. Relda's stories bring me back to sitting on my Grandmommy's lap listening to the stories of her life. Up until this week we only knew Mrs. Relda by her stories and wonderful posts in the forum. This week she learned how to post to the Gallery with the help of our wonderful Erin. Now we are going to be able to see her stories through her wonderful Lo's. Mrs. Relda just brings to life what scrapbooking is really all about.

Great stories, the ability to share these stories through inspiring lo's, and to make wonderful friends along the way.

So if you just happend by this blog or if you are already a member of TS, please stop in and let Mrs. Relda know how much we love her. The lo below is just one that I think wraps up everything Mrs. Relda is all about. Love, commitment, and friendship.God bless you Mrs. Relda and thank you for being a part of our lives.


just lisa said...

Love your blog post Gloria....and learning a little more about Relda!

Beautifil layout that you chose too!! Love her photos and journaling!!

CherrieScraps said...

awww - you are such a sweetheart Gloria - this is why we all love you girl!!

Leah Crowe said...

Such a wonderful post Gloria!! Love the layouts and that you highlighted such a sweet member of our TS family too. xoxo

jeannine said...

Great post Gloria...we all love Relda!!

Daisymeh said...

Wonderful post Gloria! And I agree...Relda adds so much to our TS community. And you do too Gloria! Love ya both!